Let gender disparity
be a thing of the past in your company.

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Our Taking Action Plan Workshop

Our Taking Action Plan Workshop is for tech companies that want to identify gaps in their organizations to recruiting and retaining female talent. We understand best practices and can help you develop an action plan to build gender diversity in your organization. We need to improve the number of women who join and stay in the tech sector. Tech companies must look beyond traditional ways of attracting and grooming talent as well as looking internally to understand how their companies are set up to build a diverse workforce.

Take action and carve the way forward to gender parity.

This two hour workshop will cover:

A baseline understanding of the pandemic in tech and ‘speed-round’ sessions to address the four primary blind spots most tech companies face:

  • Recruiting practice challenges and why women may not be applying
  • Mentorship and Sponsorship actions items and best practices
  • Workplace Environment, perceptions, myths and best practices
  • Pay equity benchmarks and best practices

What can you expect from us

1. We will assess current recruitment practices to see if you are attracting female talent.

2. We will uncover possible blind spots that may be creating a gender-biased workplace.

3. We will identify a plan for developing female leaders and best practices for gender parity.

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