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On this episode of Women Talk Tech, we speak to AlexAnndra Ontra who is the Co-Founder and President of Shufflrr, a presentation management technology company that makes presentations easier for everyone across an enterprise. Like many guests we have on the show, AlexAnndra wasn’t thinking about tech in high school. AlexAnndra loved the arts and communications field and began her career in New York for a media agency. She quickly realized the applicability of tech in any industry and how to marry your own personal skill set to the tech industry.

AlexAnndra seized an opportunity created by two unfortunate convergences in the early 2000’s; the financial melt down and 9/11 which changed the business landscape in New York. Her brother was working for a company that did multimedia laptop presentations and investors had pulled out of the business, so the brother and sister duo took over the company and for the next 10 years, built a practice doing high-end presentations for brand name clients.

AlexAnndra and her brother decided that providing services was one thing, but it was the technology they could create to support this business, that would be the future. After quickly realizing that in the presentation game, you can’t compete with Power Point or Microsoft, they set out to build their own software understanding three things customers wanted: A consistent message, an easy way to make presentations and tracking and reporting. They started Shufflrr by shutting down their consulting practice to build a product. Taking everything they’d learned throughout the years, they applied this to technology and built what is today Shufflrr.

“You can’t afford not to be in technology today, it’s everywhere. If you prefer to write or draw or do services or even run a restaurant – technology is behind everything. It’s not a matter of women in tech – if you want to survive, that’s what you got to do. You have to know it, understand it and embrace it.”

Tune in to listen to AlexAnndra talk about her journey with Shufflrr including the struggles, lessons learned, and what it takes to be an entrepreneur in the tech sector.

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AlexAnndra Ontra is the Co-Founder and President of Shufflrr, presentation management technology that makes presentations easier for everyone across the enterprise. AlexAnndra has taught hundreds of Fortune-level clients and helped transform basic PowerPoint and other files into vital communications assets. After spending the last 20 years helping clients get the most out of their presentations, Alex was inspired to write the book Presentation Management: The New Strategy for Enterprise Content which helps large businesses leverage and reuse their digital files, so everyone in the company can make a perfect pitch, anywhere, anytime.
Before founding Shufflrr, AlexAnndra created high profile presentations for diverse clients such as Epcot Center, The NBA, and Mercedes-Benz where she developed her creative, hands-on approach to helping clients drive their business. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, in her free time, AlexAnndra enjoys ballet, skiing and sailing. You can find Shufflrr on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook