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The Women Talk Tech Podcast started as a conversation to help more women choose a career in technology. Along the way we learned from hundreds of business leaders globally that tech companies need to step up and help do the work. But they need tools to succeed. Through the formation of the Women Talk Tech Advisory Board, we designed a Women Talk Tech Taking Action Plan and Workshop to help tech companies get started. We started the conversation. Now is the time to do the work to address gender parity in the technology industry!

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Women Talk Tech Taking Action Plan Workshop

If you want to attract more female leaders to your organization but not sure where to start, this workshop is for tech companies that want an action plan and a way forward. Tech companies will be racing for talent by 2020 due to digital transformation and a new sea of competition. Women make up 61% of the workforce in North America but make up only 24% of the tech sector. Talent diversity is the key to growth. Learn more about our workshop and help develop a program in your organization to advance women.

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